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Vishwaguruji arrives in Vienna

On Tuesday, 18 June 2024, Vishwaguruji arrived in Vienna after more than two months of intensive travel and meetings in India.

Bhaktas from Vienna and neighbouring countries eagerly awaited his arrival at the airport and in Guruji Ashram. They were all very happy to welcome Vishwaguruji, Swami Avatarpuriji and Swami Lakshmanpuriji back to Europe.

Vienna had the blessing of a short but intense three evenings of Vishwaguruji's darshan and satsang.

In a few days time, Gurudev will continue to Czech Republic for the Yoga in Daily Life summer seminars in Strilky Mahaprabhudeep Ashram, where bhaktas from all over Europe and around the world can come and spend part of the northern summer with Vishwaguruji, practising their sadhana (daily yoga practice) and Kriya Anusthan (intensive meditation practice). 

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